We are providing an opportunity to learn augmented reality, In This course, you ‘ll learn how to create Augmented Reality concepts, creation & deployment of AR applications. AR apps are already available on smartphones and tablets, and nowadays AR apps are extremely using in commercial, Automobile, Education & mechanical industry for training purpose, and more than 300 start-ups & MNC already start working on this technology, so there are lot of future scope for jobs, For AR there is no need to require any skills for candidates. In this course you ‘ll learn foundations & production pipeline of AR/MR app, we give you training Starting from the theory, hands-on examples will enable students to quickly develop and deploy amazing Augmented Reality applications,
Augmented Reality course not only enhances the creativity of individuals but also makes them tech-savvy. Augmented Reality Design course holds the promise of creating automatic, direct and actionable links between the electronic information and the physical world.