S32K144 Evaluation Board


Specifications & Features of S32K144 Evaluation Board :-

  1. In-built 16Mhz crystal oscillator
  2. On-board RGB SMD light
  3. On-board potentiometer
  4. On-board CAN Transceiver
  5. On-board J-Link connector


The S32K144 Evaluation Board is a low-cost evaluation and development board for general-purpose industrial and automotive applications. S32K144 Evaluation Board Based on the 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M4F S32K14 MCU, the S32K144EVB offers a standard-based form factor compatible with the Arduino® UNO pin layout, providing a broad range of expansion board options for quick application prototyping and demonstration.

Electronics V2 is a development board Based on NXP Semiconductors S32K144 Automotive Grade MCU. S32K144 is built on ARM Cortex M4 Processor for General Purpose Automotive Applications. S32K144 is a perfect fit for development of Automotive applications, as it has full Autosar support, through its Autosar MCAL supported SDK. Also NXP Semiconductors provide full IDE and SDK support: S32 Design Studio and S32K1 RTD for fast development of applications on S32K144 MCU.
ElecronicsV2 is designed so that S32K144 MCU can be used easily for: quick prototyping/development of Automotive embedded products and making DIY projects using Industrial Microcontroller apart from Arduino and ESP Environment.
ElecronicsV2 comes in breadboard compatible design, in which all the pins of the S32K144 MCU are exposed for connecting external sensors and modules through jumper wires.

Board Applications
1) Small General Purpose Automotive Applications like: Electronic Immobilizer, Car interior and exterior lightning, Body control units.
2) MCU has advanced timers and ADC peripheral for making the Automotive battery management System.
3) MCU has a number of general purpose peripherals, with a powerful ARM Cortex M4 processor making it ideal for interfacing vast amount of sensor/modules like Battery
controller sensors, battery health monitoring IC’s, Current and voltage sensors, Motor drivers, Gesture sensor, Time of Flight Sensor, Gyroscope sensor and etc in DIY form.
4) MCU is ideal for making General Purpose iot devices by using its security peripherals like ECC, CRC, CSec HSM and connecting IoT devices like Wifi, BLE, GPS, GSM and 2.4ghz
Modules through its on-board peripherals.

Board Resources to Use
1) Gettobyte website
2) NXP page


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