Are you a marketer trying to enhance your understanding of the rapidly evolving world of digital marketing? Our Digital Marketing course has been designed to provide you with an insight into the role of digital marketing within the modern marketing environment.
At Electronics Infra, you’ll immerse yourself into the digital marketing industry and explore theoretical and strategic approaches to digital marketing. Whether you’re new to digital marketing or a marketer looking to enhance your knowledge, this course will cover the fundamental principles of digital marketing and will provide you with an opportunity to examine the impact of these in your own business environment.
Google Digital Marketing Courses are very popular amongst students as it validates students with a proper certificate which also helps them to get a proper job in digital marketing domain. The advantages of digital marketing courses online, is that it does not require anyone to visit the institute physically and can complete the certification from any location. The most popular course created by Google is the free digital marketing course, in which hundreds of students enroll themselves every day.
The course provides practical activities, insights into the main digital channels including SEO, social media, Content Marketing &, PPC. We also look at Web Analytics, Mobile and Video.