2 Pin 5.08mm Pitch Pluggable Screw Terminal Block


  1.  Saves space due to the small design
  2. Screw connection with tension sleeve
  3. Maximum contact force ensures a low-temperature rise
  4. Connection in accordance with EN-VDE Standard


2 Pin 5.08mm Pitch Pluggable Screw Terminal Block is a compact and versatile terminal block. It finds its use in connecting wires to the PCB. Because of the small size, the 2 Pin 2.54mm Pitch Pluggable Screw Terminal Block allows for the connection of two conductors on a PCB, where space is premium.

2 Pin 5.08mm Pitch Pluggable  Screw Terminal Block  has screws to keep the wires in place. It can hold wires from 14 to 22 AWG.This terminal block is ideally suited to miniature rack systems or telecoms equipment, which demand high contact density. As each terminal has a single corresponding pin spaced every 0.1″ (2.54 mm), these terminal blocks can be used with prototyping boards and PCB holes intended for standard 0.1″ male and female headers (if there is sufficient clearance from nearby components).


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