• Type-A USB 2.0 Plug (Female)
  • Universal and secure USB protocol
  • Its plug and play (Hot pluggable)
  • Can be used to interface mouse and keyboards to uP/uC
  • USB power supply: 100 to 500 mA
  • Protocol supports robust error detection
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Type-A USB Jack 2.0 Plug (Female) Universal and secure USB protocol Its plug and play (Hot pluggable) Can be used to interface mouse and keyboards to uP/uC. The female connector mounted on the host or device is called the receptacle, and the male connector attached to the cable is called the plug. The official USB Jack specification documents also periodically define the term male to represent the plug, and female to represent the receptacle.
The term USB stands for Universal Serial Bus, as the name implies it is universal form of communication which is even now supported by all hardware and software that has USB host. This works through Asynchronous Serial Protocol, meaning there is no clock shared between the sender and receiver. Every device that we connect to USB port works though this protocol. If a Microcontroller or Microprocessor supports USB host, then we can connect any USB device like Keyboard, mouse, camera, printer, MP3 player, etc. to exchange information between this device and the host (uP or uC). It can also be used to transfer data between two Microcontroller and Microprocessor, if you project requires you to do so. Few popular microcontrollers that support USB host are Arduino USB host, UMFT120DC, Arm Cortex M4, etc.

So if your project requires you to establish an USB connection, then this jack can be connected to the device and wired to your uP or uC.


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