S32K144 Microcontroller Development Board: ElecronicsV2


  • S32K144 MCU in LFQP100 pin package.
  • onboard RGB LED and 2 switches
  • 1 Variable Potentiometer
  • On-board UART for debugging via Type C USB cable
  • On-Board CAN transceiver IC TJA1051 via green screw Terminals.
  • TX-RX LED indicator pins for onboard UART and CAN communication.
  • Onboard JTAG-SWD 10-pin Connector for JLink SWD Debugging

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The Elecronics V2 Board is a low-cost evaluation and development board for general-purpose industrial and automotive applications. Elecronics V2 Board Based on the 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M4F S32K144 Microcontroller. S32K144 is part of the S32 Automotive Family of Microcontrollers by NXP Semiconductors.

In an era, where the automotive sector is at its prime and everyone desires to make their career advancements in the Automotive field, there is a need for a Microcontroller based development board that is of automotive grade, with automotive capabilities to do direct learning and gain knowledge on automotive skill sets. And in such a world, ElecronicsV2 boards make a grand entrance. Electronics V2 Board offers an industrial automotive microcontroller S32K144, to be used by hobbyists, students, and tech enthusiasts to make Automotive DIY applications. Powering the S32K144 MCU, which is based on ARM Cortex M4 Core with Automotive peripherals like CAN, LIN, FlexIO, SAE J2602, Half HSM, and advanced Timer peripheral.

Just like Arduino is used for making DIY projects for IoT and general purpose projects, building complex and industrial projects related to industries like Automotive, Industrial Automation on Arduino is a big challenge because of its low features/capabilities. S32K144 is a perfect fit for the development of Automotive applications, as it has full Autosar support, through its Autosar MCAL-supported SDK. Also, NXP Semiconductors provides full IDE and SDK support: S32 Design Studio and S32K1 RTD for fast development of applications on S32K144 MCU.

ElecronicsV2 is not just a development board for Automotive, but it is also a prime candidate for students, working professionals, and hobbyists to learn embedded projects and learning in an industrial Microcontroller out of Arduino and ESP environment. S32K144 MCU is part of the S32 family of microcontrollers, for which NXP semiconductors provide a dedicated IDE for embedded software development and SDK for embedded application development. What makes the S32K144 apart, is its availability of SDK with Autosaur standard!! Students and working professionals can do Autosaur-based learning and hands-on by using the Autosar MCAL SDK.

ElecronicsV2 Features

  • S32K144 MCU in LFQP100 pin package.
  • ElecronicsV2 has onboard RGB LED and 2 switches
  • ElecronicsV2 has 1 Variable Potentiometer
  • ElecronicsV2 has an On-Board UART for debugging via Type C USB cable
  • ElecronicsV2 has On-Board CAN transceiver IC TJA1051 via green screw Terminals.
  • TX-RX LED indicator pins for onboard UART and CAN communication.
  • Onboard JTAG-SWD 10-pin Connector for JLink SWD Debugging
  • ElecronicsV2 can output 3V3&5V Voltage signals to connect the external sensor/module
  • ElecronicsV2 can be powered via a JTAG Connector or UART-USB cable. Power Source configuration for that

Why you should buy ElecronicsV2?

ElecronicsV2 is a prime candidate for Hobbyists and tech enthusiasts who desire to make Automotive projects, cryptography projects, safety/security-related projects, and general-purpose projects.  If you are a young professional or student who aims to build a career in the automotive sector and semiconductor industry, the first question is how

Enough of the bookish and theoretical knowledge from college subjects and online courses. To get into industry, the best way is to earn the skill sets required to get into the industry by doing hands-on practicals. Microcontroller is the best way to do hands-on learning of theoretical subjects/topics. And to use the microcontroller, we need a development board built upon itSo here comes the ElecronicsV2 development board, which is based on the Microcontroller S32K144. This microcontroller is of automotive grade with automotive capabilities and features.

Automotive features in a microcontroller:

  1. Automotive protocols/Peripherals: CAN/CAN-FD, LIN, FlexIO, SAE-J2602 
  2. Automotive Safety/security: CRC. ECC, Hardware Security Module: CSEc, MPU, 
  3. Automotive Software Standards: S32K1 Autosaur MCAL Layer-based SDK and EB Tressos

For in detail overview on ElecronicsV2, refer to its official product page: ElecronivsV2 Development Board – Get To Byte

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