TOUCH SENSOR (Pack of 2)


Specifications and Features:-

  • TTP223 1-Channel Capacitive Touch Sensor Module Red Color:- Supports momentary or latching/toggle modes.
  • Supports Active High or Active Low output signal modes.
  • Dimensions : 15mm x 11mm.
  • Input Voltage : 2 Volt – 5.5 Volts DC.
  • The response time max ~ 60mS in fast mode, ~220mS at low power mode @VDD=3V.
  • Sensitivity can adjust by the capacitance(0~50pF).
  • Have two kinds of sampling length by pad option(SLRFTB pin).
  • Stable touching detection of the human body for replacing traditional direct switch key.
  • Provides Fast mode and Low Power mode selection by pad option(LPMB pin).
  • Provides direct mode toggle mode by pad option(TOG pin).
  • Open drain mode by bonding option, OPDO pin is open drain output, Q pin is CMOS output.
  • All output modes can be selected active high or active low by pad option(AHLB pin).
  • Have the maximum on time 100sec by pad option(MOTB pin).
  • Have external power-on reset pin(RST pin).
  • After power-on have about 0.5sec stable-time, during the time do not touch the keypad, and the function is disabled.
  • Auto calibration. Re-calibration period is about 4.0 sec when the key has not be touched.



A Touch sensor is a type of device that captures and records physical touch or embrace on a device and/or object. It enables a device or object to detect touch or near proximity, typically by a human user or operator. Touch sensors are also called as tactile sensors and are sensitive to touch, force or pressure.

There are two common types of touch sensors :

  1.  Capacitive touch sensors
  2.  Resistive touch sensors.

These sensors are sensitive to any pressure or force applied or touch. The principle of touch is similar to that of a switch. When the switch is closed, the current flows otherwise there is no chance of the current to flow. Similarly, when the touch sensor senses the touch or proximity is captured then it acts like a closed switch otherwise it acts as an open switch. These sensors are also known as ‘Tactile Sensors’

Additional information

Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 cm


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