NXP Semiconductors S32K344 System on Module(SoM): AutoBoardV1


Specifications & Features of JLink V9 Debugger Emulator: –

  • S32K344 MCU in MFQP174 pin package
  • Onboard 3 CAN2.0B Ports via screw terminals using TJA1443 and TJA1051.
  • On Board OpenSDA based Debugger via Type C port.
  • Adaptor based Power Supply to the Board : 6-17V adaptor for power supply.
  • Voltage Configurable to run the board at: 3.3 V or 5V.
  • Analog Power Configuration between 3.3V and 5V.
  • On Board 1 automotive ethernet via screw terminals using TJA1101 IC.
  • Onboard SWD 10-pin Connector for SWD Debugging.
  • DUAL LIN Ports via screw terminals using TJA1022
  • On Board UART Port via USB type C.
  • 64 Mbit Automotive QUADSPI Flash using MX25L6433FM2I
  • 2 OnBoard User Buttons
  • OnBoard 16Mhz Crystal Oscillator
  • 2 OnBoard RGB LED

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Overview of AutoBoardV1

AutobordV1 is a cutting-edge System on Module (SoM) that is based on the NXP Semiconductors Automotive Microcontroller S32K344. Powered by the ARM Cortex M7 processor-based Microcontroller S32K344, AutoboardV1 is a compact and cost-effective SoM designed specifically for automotive applications by Gettobyte Technologies.

This innovative Embedded Kit can be utilized for prototyping, development, research, corporate training, and academia to create advanced automotive technologies and applications such as ADAS subsystems, Domain/Zonal Control architecture, and ECU gateways in vehicles. Explore AutoboardV1 Usecases section at AutoboardV1 official product page to discover the solutions that can be developed using AutoboardV1.

AutoboardV1 features a Full HSM (Hardware Security Module) based automotive controller, along with automotive peripherals including CAN, LIN, Ethernet, FlexIO, QuadSPI, Advance Timers, and ADC. These features make AutoboardV1 ideal for constructing secure, intelligent powertrain and body control domain automotive electronic devices such as Electric Immobilizers, Domain Controllers, and IoT gateways for automotive applications. Visit our DIY projects section to learn more about the devices that can be created using AutoboardV1.

In addition, AutoboardV1 supports a full Embedded Toolchain consisting of Matlab, Freemaster, S32 Design Studio, and Autosaur MCAL layer to facilitate seamless development and application building. Start your project with ease using the resources provided by Gettobyte Software Material and Content.

For in detail overview on AutoboardV1, refer to its official product page: System On Modules – Get To Byte

Board Resources to Use

Explore Other Automotive Embedded Kits:

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Packet Contents:

  1. 1* AutoboardV1
  2. 40*40 Male header Pins
  3. 12*12 Header Pins

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 cm


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